How to network

My previous post covered what to do after a business networking event. A client suggested that I write a post about how to prepare for a networking event.  And also to cover what to do during a networking event.

Have you noticed that many small business owners seem to just go to networking events hoping that someone will notice that they exist and perhaps start a conversation that leads to a business arrangement or deal?

Do you go to networking events and find them to be quite useless as you never get any financial gain out of attending? This is not my experience. There is a lot you can do to ensure that you get business from such events. Continue reading


How do I follow-up?

How good are we at follow-up? This week I attended a well-organised business breakfast networking event as well as a similar after-work Chamber of Commerce get-together. I met great individuals of interesting companies and we enthusiastically exchanged cards.

As I got home a very aptly-timed newsletter More Clients by Robert Middleton, who teaches professional service companies how to market, opened on my screen. I like Robert’s stuff as he has ideas worth taking note of. Continue reading

Marketing on a tight budget

A client asked me how to get the maximum marketing mileage at minimum costs? Small to medium-sized companies have to create a presence with a small budget.

It is possible to do excellent marketing at low costs. Continue reading