Juggling your office and life

Not many of my clients are “solopreneurs” meaning they work on their own and have to juggle the tug between their business and personal obligations. Those few who are often find it difficult as they spend too much time in the office. Or they find working on their own creates a different type of pressure.

The question appears to be, how do we divide our time, become more productive and creative, and create healthy work and life patterns? There are ways to achieve this and they apply by and large whether you work on your own or in a corporate office.  Continue reading


Personal learning and growth

During three discussions recently it again struck me that the core of organisational renewal and growth is personal growth.

Where a client discusses issues, intellectually grasps what needs to be done, totally agrees and nods but does not go over into action, learning has not taken place. Nor will the organisation grow.

Where an owner is eager to learn and applies new learning, things start to happen within that organisation. Continue reading