Slow is fast

A good friend of mine, Gerrit, discovered the Slow Movement – which had its origin in 1980s in Milan as the Slow Food Movement. When it started it had a focus on enjoying superb wines and food in the company of great friends.  Savour the moment.  Nowadays the movement covers slow food, slow travel, slow technology, slow parenting and a host of other “slows” including slow work.

My friend, a productivity expert, gives a new twist to what he paradoxically calls “slow productivity”.  At some level he and I say the same things. Continue reading


A strong performance culture

There is merit in simplicity “the other side of complexity”, to partly quote Oliver Wendell Holmes. Know the big picture intimately, but then focus on the doing a few things right.

I read an interview yesterday which again confirms that approaches followed by large and small companies are the same. The only difference is the size of the company and the people in it. Size adds complexity to the solution. People are part of the solution or of the problem. Continue reading