Strategy maps – simple but seemingly complicated

All of my clients know that I enthuse about the simplicity of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), Strategy Maps and the BSC itself, developed by Kaplan and Norton. Today, in a discussion with a client company’s knowledgeable director, I could again sense that the seemingly complexity of a BSC Strategy Map is so off-putting to some senior staff members working under pressure that the easy way out would be to say “we cannot set aside the time to develop and implement the map.”

Of course, people do not like complexity or change. But as I have observed in a previous post On being a (business) student, mastering a few simple planning principles is often only a case of putting aside a few hours. Compare this minute effort to the hours that go into obtaining a degree or the hours which goes into reading a Sunday newspaper (every Sunday). Continue reading


Important vs. Urgent

A client/consultant and I recently discussed the fact that so many owners and managers are totally reactive. They are forever dealing with urgent matters and are in a crises mode. This could be partly due to the fact that many have not learned to delegate in depth. However, it is possibly equally true that so many are not in the habit of putting time aside for proactively planning, learning and asking “what if” questions aimed at taking preventive action.

Stephen Covey developed a thought-provoking diagramme which depicts four quadrants. In which quadrants are you most of the time? Continue reading