Level Four “Time Management”

Nobody manages time. We all know that we manage ourselves in relation to time or hours available.

Most of my clients have some system of “time management” in place. I implemented a Level Four approach. It is very liberating as it has only two categories: relations and results. Two smart directors took note and their interest is the reason for this post. Continue reading


On winning hearts and minds

All of us are impressed with the astounding election campaign conducted by USA president-elect Barack Obama and his team. What caught my attention was the very competent manner in which Obama applied well-known business principles. In fact, many of you use them. Time magazine in their Person of the Year edition of 29 December 2008/5 January 2009, covered these principles as part of its extensive coverage of Obama’s success.

I thought listing the principles could aid all of us in winning over our own constituencies (our staff, our clients or customers and our suppliers) in our campaigns en route to greater success. Continue reading

The worldviews of my clients

During my annual break, I read Seth Godin, and he challenges his readers to define the worldviews of their clients/customers. If you know Godin you would know that a worldview can be about anything. It could be about how you view running your business. (Andre recommended changing this sentence, and I agree, to “A worldview includes everything, and also how to view running your business.”)

My clients consist mostly of owners of successful medium-sized businesses. While you all are different you do have a lot in common. In writing this post I tried to come up with a description with which any of you, my clients, could identify – although each, of course, would have your own emphasis. Continue reading