On codependency and the need for a new mindset

One of the most vexing problems which I encounter as a consultant is how to motivate clients and their team members to do a deep rethink and to put new ideas and plans into action. Is it that difficult to break out of habitual, historic patterns? The coming year is going to be a difficult one for many companies. On the positive side: It will oblige most of us to seriously rethink.

We all instinctively know that each enterprise needs to come up with new approaches as the solutions which worked for many years until about one year ago may no longer deliver results. For one, roll-over business overdrafts to support short-term cash-flow dips, are drying up.  The external business environment of each company has changed. The question then is how to get everyone involved in serious rethinking how they run their businesses to meet the new situation? Continue reading


The soft side of business

For most of the past 35 years my focus was mainly on how to plan and to execute. While I have always known that the people side was really important, my inclination was to focus more on the structure and process sides, on the logical side. It was only late in life that it dawned on me that 80% of my focus should be on the people side.

The real challenge of a consultant in the 21st century is to assist people in business to firstly find their personal voices, then the voices of their employees, and, lastly, their business voice. Continue reading