On being a (business) student

I recently had the pleasure of listening to two partners, clients of mine, who prepared themselves intensely for our meeting. They had completed the reading of a recommended publication and could, with reference to every chapter, tell me what their findings were as applied to themselves. In addition, they took time out and together studied the various components of the balanced scorecard planning approach – a sophisticated approach which takes an effort to master. Continue reading


Simplicity and basics

While some of my clients are interested in the theory behind business approaches, many are pressed for time and want a simple framework which would guide their thinking. A client observed: “We are so inundated with production work, please keep it simple and brief.” Continue reading

Why plan?

Most people sense there is value in planning. They intuitively know that planning will lead to a greater definition of what they wish to achieve and to actions which will grow their businesses. A frequent question is: How to move from absolutely no formal planning to some form of planning? Continue reading

Thin slice it

One client asked: “How to get going? I find it difficult to make my plans part of my daily doing. How do you do it? ” We agreed that developing great ideas about the direction which is to be taken is great, invigorating and exiting. But the first new actions thereafter are less so. Your daily routine is a habit. How to change old patterns? Continue reading